Top 50 Movies to Set the Mood…

Hello All. For those who know me, you know I am a nut for post-apocalyptic films. Not that I am trying to fear monger, but here are a couple great movies to catch during your self-isolation. I have included a few mini-series and TV series given how good they are.

  1. Contagion (movie)
  2. Survivors (2008 BBC mini-series)
  3. Andromeda Strain (mini-series)
  4. World War Z (movie)
  5. 28 Days Later (movie)
  6. 28 Weeks Later (movie)
  7. Carriers (movie)
  8. I am Legend (movie)
  9. The Road (movie)
  10. Children of Men (movie)
  11. IO (Netflix)
  12. Mad Max (movie)
  13. Mad Max 2 – Road Warrior (movie)
  14. Mad Max – Fury Road (movie)
  15. Dawn of the Dead (movie)
  16. The Happening (movie)
  17. Right at Your Door (movie)
  18. The Crazies (movie)
  19. The Day After Tomorrow (movie)
  20. War of the Worlds (movie)
  21. Monsters (movie)
  22. The Mist (movie)
  23. Outbreak (movie)
  24. It Comes at Night (movie)
  25. 10 Cloverfield Lane (movie)
  26. Oblivion (movie)
  27. Waterworld (movie)
  28. Logan’s Run (movie)
  29. Escape for New York (movie)
  30. Terminator Salvation (movie)
  31. The Book of Eli (movie)
  32. 12 Monkeys (movie)
  33. The Last Ship (TV)
  34. The Walking Dead (TV)
  35. Falling Skies (TV)
  36. Jerico (TV)
  37. Fear the Walking Dead (TV)
  38. A Quiet Place (movie)
  39. City of Ember (movie)
  40. The Colony (movie)
  41. The Rover (movie)
  42. The Postman (movie)
  43. Edge of Tomorrow (movie)
  44. Battle: Los Angeles (movie)
  45. Annihilation (movie)
  46. The Darkest Hour (movie)
  47. The Divide (movie)
  48. The Maze Runner
  49. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (movie)
  50. Deep Impact (movie)


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