US Navy Hacked

Hello All. Latest breach information to affect the US government:

“The United States Navy got hacked, and the personal details of more than 134,000 sailors were accessed, according to a public statement released by US officials this morning. The US Navy revealed that 134,386 current and former US sailors were exposed by the breach, and the organization is now working on notifying those affected via mail, phone calls, and letters.”

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Pixel Smartphone Hacked in Under 60 Seconds

2016-11-21_9-35-54Hello All. With all the hype of Google Project Zero hacking the hell out of everything the can get their hands on including AV vendors, etc., maybe they should have looked in their own house. Just fresh in stores, Google’s new smartphone has been hacked into by a team of Chinese hackers at the PwnFest 2016 event.

During the hacking competition in Seoul, a team of white-hat hackers calling themselves ‘Qihoo 360’  demonstrated a zero-day vulnerability to gain access to the Pixel in under 60 seconds. This exploit allowed the intruders to execute remote code and install malicious code on the device.

The hacking team used the vulnerability to launch the Google Play Store before opening Chrome and displaying a web page with the message “Pwned By 360 Alpha Team”. They did note that access to no application including contacts, photos, messages, and phone calls was out of their reach.

The exploit allowed the Chinese hacker team to win a cash prize worth $120,000.

Dropbox Hack

dropboxHello All. Great blog post by Troy Hunt regarding the recent confirmation of a full hack of Dropbox as published by Motherboard. As Troy noted, this was not simply some credentials that were guessed, but an actual breach of over 60 million users. Data including e-mail addresses and bcrypt hashes are available.

Have a look at Troy’s article – he does a fabulous job breaking down the breach and the data he obtained.

I would suggest that people also check Have I Been Pwned? given they are providing details on whether you are in the list – which you probably are.

Eddie Bauer’s POS Breached

Eddie-Bauer-storefront-jpgOne of my favorite stores, Eddie Bauer has been breached. Data belonging to customers who used payment cards at all 370 Eddie Bauer locations in the US, Canada compromised. Eddie Bauer’s online store was not affected – assuming it is a separate non-connected payment system.

The breach has exposed data belonging to an unspecified number of customers who used credit and debit cards to pay for purchases at Eddie Bauer stores between January and July this year. Not all transactions during this period were compromised the company said.

The data that was exposed in the breach included cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and card security codes. Eddie Bauer has said it will pay for one year’s worth of identity protection services for allcustomers impacted by the breach. In a statement, Eddie Bauer chief executive officer Mike Egeck said the company is working with the FBI, cyberecurity firms and the credit card associations to mitigate fallout from the intrusion.

Sad day for a great retailer.

Microsoft Office 365 Hit With Ramsomware

office365logoweb_1003666Hello All. It seems that Microsoft cloud services are not immune to ransomware. Reports say that the Office 365 service was hit with the Cerber ransomware. When infected, a victim’s data files will be encrypted using AES encryption and will be told they need to pay a ransom of 1.24 bitcoins or 500 USD to get their files back. Unfortunately, at this point there is no known way to decrypt a victim’s encrypted files for free.

At this time we do not currently know how the Cerber ransomware is being distributed, but according to SenseCy, it is being offered as a service on a closed underground Russian forum.

As per SC Magazine – Steven Toole, a researcher for the cloud-security firm Avanan, blogged that his company saw the first attack roll in at 6:44 a.m. on June 22 and that at least 57 percent of all Office 365 customers on Avanan’s platform received at least one phishing attempt that contained the infected attachment and Avanan extrapolated that the same number of all Office 365 users were involved. While Avanan did not supply a specific number of those possibly hit, Microsoft reported in its first quarter 2016 earnings report that there are 18.2 million Office 365 subscribers. Toole said it took Microsoft more than 24 hours to detect the attack and start blocking the attachment.

A good analysis of Cerber can be found on Bleeping Computer –