Public Power Magazine

I want to send a huge thanks to the American Public Power Association for allowing me to contribute with others on a recent article called Drones, AI, IoT, and the brave new world of cybersecurity talking about the various cyber disruptors affecting everyday life, especially the electric utilities and their use of next generation smart meters and other IoT devices. The APPA have a fabulous editorial and content staff and they were a blast to work with. I will also be keynoting at their Cybersecurity Summit on November 13-14, 2018 in Austin, TX. #PublicPower

AWS vs. Azure?

Hello All. So with my change of jobs recently to KPMG, I have continued working in the cloud space – specifically design and architecture with an emphasis on security. Obviously, it doesn’t make a difference to me what people want to use, given they all have their highlights and their drawbacks.  Most of my work is around AWS and Azure, most probably because they have data centers here in Canada – and given data location concerns, this becomes an important consideration. There are the some components that people prefer over others, IAM vs. Active Directory, Cloudwatch vs. Azure Monitor, CloudHSM vs. TrustCenter. All do pretty much the same thing.  What are your consideration as to why you choose one over the other?

Next Chapter in My Career…

Hello all. I have been super excited to post this – just waiting for it to be official. I will be starting with KPMG in their Advisory practice on August 14, 2017. I am looking forward to re-joining such a fabulous company. I am super thankful to Raytheon and Forcepoint for a great 2+ years running Product Security. I have had the opportunity to lead a fabulous team – @GSMcNamara and @peta_bread_, two fabulous human beings and super-smart guys. Will also miss all the great people in engineering at Forcepoint that I have had the opportunity to work with and call friends (way too numerous to list). I am hoping everyone will keep in touch. Forcepoint is a great company focusing on the human-side of security and will continue to be successful as they put out new products to protect organizations. For those who want to keep in touch, my personal e-mail is still the same. I also still on Twitter and LinkedIn using the same handles.

Do you need to be a DICK to be a successful leader?

Hello All. I wanted to share a really good docu-Youtube video produced by Max Joseph. The video called DICKS: Do you need to be one to be a successful leader?, documents Joseph’s quest to figure out whether being a successful film director requires you to be a tyrant, or as Joseph refers to it, a “Dick” to the people that work for you. Although his video is directed at the film industry, it is quite applicable to any type of leadership position. I personally enjoyed his unrelenting quest to interview director Peter Berg. I highly recommend the video. Great job @maxjoseph