Penetration Testing

Hello All. The US Army is once again running their public bug bounty.¬† Hack the Army 3.0 is the Defense Digital Service’s (DDS) eleventh bug bounty program run in conjunction with HackerOne and the third with the US Army. Previous programs include Hack the Pentagon, Hack the Defense Travel System and Hack the Air Force.

The goal of this bug bounty is for cybersecurity researchers to identify and disclose security vulnerabilities in US Army networks and systems so they can be remediated before they are discovered and exploited by malicious hackers such as a nation state. Civilian hackers who successfully discover valid security bugs could receive a bounty in the form of a financial reward. As a comparison, the Hack the Air Force  bug bounty run in 2018 uncovered 120 vulnerabilities and paid out $130,000 to participants.

“Bug bounty programs are a unique and effective force multiplier for safeguarding critical Army networks, systems and data, and build on the efforts of our Army and DoD security professionals,” said Brigadier General Adam C. Volant, U.S. Army Cyber Command Director of Operations.

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