Home Isolation – Day 6

How is everyone doing? Day 6 of isolation for me. This week, like many others, my company has mandated working from home to do their part to curb the spread of COVID-19. It is interesting, even though I work from home quite a bit, knowing I can’t go into the office or meet with clients when I feel I need to makes this somewhat stressful. I never thought I would see photos of the streets of Toronto (see above) so empty. Anyhow, keep your spirits up, look out for each other and social distance.

My Cyber Reading List

Hello all. After teaching a great workshop outside of Chicago, many of my students asked my to share my cyber reading list – as I am always reading something online. So here it is:

Elastic Releases Endpoint Protection

Elastic is working to complete their security portfolio. With the acquisition of Endgame, EDR vendor based on MITRE ATT&CK™ matrix, Elastic now releases their branded Elastic Endpoint Security.

Re-branded Endgame product is said to include ransomware protection, phishing prevention, malware prevention, exploit prevention, fileless attack prevention and the first autonomous prevention and detection engine that issues customized incident response on the endpoint without the need for cloud connectivity.

Looking forward to getting a few mins to have a look at it – have a look https://www.elastic.co/products/endpoint-security

Sysmon 10 is finally here!!

Hello All. As many people who know me can attest, I am a huge fan of Sysmon. I have presented at a lot of cons about it and recommended it many times to customers. As much as I loved Mark Russinovich‘s product before, the following major updates he has made are mind blowing.

  1. OriginalFileName, which adds the PE Original Filename to EventID 1 and 7
  2. EventType to Named Pipe events (EventID 17 and 18)
  3. DNS events (EventID 22)


Looking at the EventLog, the Process Create and Image Load events have the OriginalFileName field added to them, this is derived from the PE header of the file. This will make it a lot harder for malware and/or actors to rename binaries to try and avoid detection based on the original file name / path.

Named Pipe EventType

This now allows for instance filtering on ConnectPipe (18) events to only see the creation, saving a lot of data.


Now, this is the update that I have been so excited about. The addition of EventID 22, or DNS logging – see the example (from medium.com) below:

If course, Sysmon 10, as with the other Sysinternals tools, can be downloaded from Microsoft

SwiftOnSecurity also has an alpha configuration available on his website – download it here