A new study of 17 malware frameworks shows threat actors always use USB drives to sneak malware into air-gapped environments and then steal data from there.

A new ESET study of 17 malware frameworks that threat actors have used over the past decade to target air-gapped systems showed every one of them used a USB drive to introduce malware into the environment and extract data from there. The security vendor found that the best defense for organizations against attacks on air-gapped systems is to restrict USB use as much as possible and to monitor them closely in situations where the devices need to be used.


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Hello All. Anyone out there using Apple’s AirTags? AirTags use ultra-wideband technology and take advantage of Apple’s existing network of devices, which work as crowdsourced beacons to ping each other in order to determine your missing item’s location.

I stumbled across a really interest YouTube channel called MegaLag out of Germany. Really enjoyed the content. There are a number of videos including, “I sent an AirTag to North Korea, Tim Cook and Elon Musk!”.  Enjoy!


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


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